8 things absolutely to eat in Sicily

There's plenty of specialties and places to eat in Sicily: from Palermo with its street food, to San Vito lo Capo and its cous cous, from desserts to pasta, you're just spoiled More »

True Natural Beauty – Kerala Tour

If уоu dо nоt hаvе muсh knowledge аbоut Kerala, іt іѕ situated оn thе southwest еnd оf India аnd hаѕ gоt fourteen districts, еасh wіth а unique аnd dіffеrеnt culture, heritage аnd More »

Traveling to Other Countries

Whеthеr you're traveling fоr business оr pleasure, thеrе аrе mаnу reasons tо rent а car whеn уоu reach уоur destination. Whіlе public transportation wіll uѕuаllу tаkе уоu tо major tourist attractions оr More »

Travel to New Zealand

Whеn соnѕіdеrіng hоw tо travel tо Nеw Zealand, уоu fіrѕt nееd tо determine hоw long уоu hаvе gоt fоr уоur holiday? If уоu аrе оn а tight deadline, thеn thе obvious wау More »

Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Thе time fоr summer vacation planning іѕ uроn us, аnd traveling саn bе expensive іf уоu don't watch уоur pennies. Hеrе аrе ѕоmе tips tо mаkе уоur summer vacation bоth fun аnd More »


Top Places to Explore in the Canary Islands

Looking for a holiday that’s equal parts relaxing, exciting and all-around gorgeous? The Canary Islands could be your ideal destination. With so many beautiful natural landforms, beaches and fun cultural attractions to explore, you could stay here for weeks and never tire of the islands. You can hop around, or spend the majority of your holiday on one of the biggest islands, Gran Canaria. Holidays in Gran Canaria are cheaper than ever, and the rest of the Canaries have so much to offer as well, Read more [...]

Rome, Italy – What To Do and See

As the third most visited city within Europe, Rome is considered a fantastic destination for sightseeing. Known as the Eternal City, the legacy of Rome, Italy, has certainly been built to last. From the Coliseum of Ancient Rome to the Quirinal Palace from the renaissance, Rome is a city of vibrant architecture and limitless charm and can make a wonderful holiday destination to those who appreciate a little culture in their holidays. Visiting Rome If holidaying in a centre of culture and history Read more [...]

8 things absolutely to eat in Sicily

There's plenty of specialties and places to eat in Sicily: from Palermo with its street food, to San Vito lo Capo and its cous cous, from desserts to pasta, you're just spoiled for choice! If you want to witness first hand the authentic taste of Sicily, you just have to plan your next trip: look for low cost flight, book cheap accommodation on Sicily Holiday Finder and... enjoy it sicilian way! Let's try to select 8 things to eat, but I'm sure that once there... 100 would be a more realistic Read more [...]

3 Essential Tips for hiring a camper van

Hiring a camper van is the perfect way to make sure that you see the country you are visiting in the best possible way. It gives you the freedom to make your own route, your own schedule and also your own pace. New Zealand is one of the best place sin the world to hire a camper van, it is such a vast and beautiful country, I think the camper van option is the only way to go! Campervan hire is becoming increasingly popular with both locals and tourists because it is the best way to see this fantastic Read more [...]

Businesses Can Rely on Hotel Expertise

The hotel business has spread its wings. Not only can you find quality accommodations, but businesses of all kinds can use their facilities to host sales meetings, product launches, and even conferences. Your choice of venue may depend upon the geographical spread of the people expected to attend. When it comes to South Africa, the first city that comes to mind may well be Cape Town, with its excellent choice of venues and its wide range of attractions during leisure time. Cape Town The Victoria Read more [...]

Work, Ski, Skate

This year, the Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia have been 2 weeks of exciting, memorable and emotional triumphs for athletes from all over the world. And millions of viewers tuned in to experience the thrill of alpine skiing, figure skating, and many other winter sports in this fantastic event. They have been a way for people to enjoy all that winter has to offer, immersing in the winter sports from the comfort of their living rooms. But now that the Winter Olympics have come to a close, there Read more [...]